It's the million dollar question: When is the best time to sell? 

With longer days and warmer weather, snow replaced by green grass, and flowers beginning to bloom, spring may seem a perfect time. Buyers hope to find a home and settle in before school starts in the fall. 

Unfortunately, it doesn't always work out that way.

Real estate is all about timing, and spring does tend to bring a strong market. But with interest rates likely to rise, current inventory low, and many well-qualified buyers waiting in the wings, why wait? 

For sellers, springtime also brings a lot of competition. Presently, however, there are few local homes like yours on the market.  The odds are in your favor.  Price correctly, and you just may get what you're asking for (or more)!  


Fast forward to spring, with likely 6 or 7 comparable homes for sale. Does yours substantially stand out above the competition? What kind of time, effort and money will you need to invest in order to compete? Curb appeal comes into play as well. 

Supply and demand control the market. Right now, supply is down, demand is up. Serious buyers are out there, and looking. 

Typical mortgage rate locks are 60 days. Capture these buyers now, and you will be the one whose home has sold, while you are enjoying the blessings of spring!