Most people by now should or probably have heard of changes that were made to help protect the consumer about purchasing a home. The CFPB(Consumer Protection Finance Bureau) was created for just this purpose. The changes took place starting Oct 3rd, 2015. If you are financing a home, then this applies to you. In the past, real estate agents would only get the final "numbers" sometimes just hours before the prospective closing....hard to go over those numbers quickly at the time with you the buyer to make sure there were no mistakes...and then have those mistakes rectified. Well those times are behind us now, but as good as that is, we real estate agents don't necessarily get access to those numbers directly from the title company, or lender(closing agent) anymore. You the home buyer now have the final closing disclosure in your hands 3 days prior to the actual consummation(Closing). We HIGHLY recommend that you communicate this to your agent, that obviously is working hard on your behalf, and share it and go over it with them to make sure there are no mistakes. 

Times will always change. Sometimes things are better....and sometimes they are worse, but if we can help on things that we can control, the end result will end up that much more in the right perspective.