What is the importance of a Home Inspection? 

Many people who buy homes have home inspections. Home Inspections are designed to alert home buyers of potential issues with the home along with its working features(plumbing, electrical, heating systems, etc). A good home inspector will also point out exterior components that affect the property as well...i.e. the roof, grading and pitch of topography, septic and well(if applicable). Many customers and clients I have worked with think they have a "good eye" for spotting issues, so debating whether to spend a few hundred dollars plays into their decision. After all....someone was living there.

Passing on a Home Inspection is like not going to see a Dr when you having an ailment because you think its not something serious.....but before long it could be. A good home inspector has many years in some field of a construction business. They have top equipment(maybe a moisture meter, infrared meter, etc). They answer your questions. Big or Small. They make recommendations. They provide a full detailed report.....and they ALWAYS find something. Many items are not deal breakers, but knowledge is power. Be Informed.

A couple of quick stories before I end....Recent home inspection on a single family home...besides a bad roof and bats in the attic....septic company couldn't find the leachfield! Another was in a condo with a crawl space where massive mold spores were found(in this case the association took care of it). Many times its also what you can't see....structural issues, termites, potential present, past or future water issues, high water or air radon and even code violations or fire hazards. 

As real estate agents, we can't force you to have a home inspection.....but is it worth a few hundred dollars to find out if there is a few thousand dollars....or more...in issues...before you invest in what likely is your largest purchase ever? We think so.

P.S.....and don't hire Uncle Harry....get a professional.